Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Experiences

Nothing overly eventful has happened in the past two days.

On our bus ride to school yesterday we had dropped people off at the bus stop and as we began to pull away we heard people from the back of the bus yelling.  The only word that I could make out was "chicito!" or "small boy."  The bus driver stopped and got off the bus and talked to a lady outside who had a young boy hugging her leg.  They talked for 5 minutes or so and then he got back on and off we went.  I have no idea what actually happened but it added some craziness to our Monday morning.

Today, my teacher brought to school a fruit called "guisaro" for me to try.  It reminded me of a combination of cherries and grapes.  She grows them on a tree in her yard.  She told me all about the various fruits they have here.  I informed her that I am typically a very picky eater but I am trying everything that is offered to me here as I want to get the most out of my experience.  To that she told me that she needs to take me to the farmer's market (which is held every Sunday morning) and that she is so excited to bring me more things to try.

One last little tidbit- apparently I experienced my first earthquakes last night.  Unfortunately waking up at 5:30 in the morning means I am usually sleeping by 9 so I missed out on the 10:30 PM event.  I was pretty bummed to hear that I slept through it.

Until next time!

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