Sunday, October 19, 2014


Yesterday Brittany, Sierra, Becca, Sophie, Darcy, David and I went to Multiplaza.  They had all been there before but it was my first time.  Multiplaza is a big mall in San Jose; I would say it compares to the Burnsville Mall in MN.  We took a bus there, which was so full we were all standing.  There were so many people standing in the aisle there was no way we could squish anymore people in, though the bus driver sure as heck tried.  Once we got inside, we went and got tickets to go see The Maze Runner.  In the theater here you got to pick your seats ahead of time which I thought was interesting.

Multiplaza Escazu

Following the movie we went to Chili's in the mall to eat dinner.  Then we walked around for a bit, went to a bookstore, and headed out to the bus stop.  We waited at the bus stop for quite some time before our bus arrived.  It pulled up ahead of the stop to let people off.  We ran to the doors to get on but the bus took off without us anyway.  Then we trekked through the rain to a different bus stop where we caught a bus and made it back home to Santa Ana.

Friday night after school I came home and relaxed and had dinner.  Then Becca and I had a movie night and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  On Saturday, we went to the Crepe Cafe for lunch.  This time I tried the Banana Foster Crepe which was a crepe with bananas, ice cream, and a banana rum sauce- it was delicious.  Becca had a chicken crepe which had chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and a cream of chicken type sauce.  They were so good!

Banana Foster Crepe                                                       Chicken Crepe

A difference that I have found while living here is that they don't have all the soda types we have at home.  For one, there is no Mountain Dew or Mello Yellow or anything of the sort.  I'm stuck drinking Cokes that say "Juan" if I need caffeine. (I love that they all have Spanish names here, I don't know why).  Another difference is that you can't flush your toilet paper in most places, you have to throw it away in the garbage, otherwise it disrupts the sewage system.

Juan! :)

Today we are going to attempt to go to Walmart which should be interesting because I don't think we quite know which buses to take/where the stops are.  Just another Costa Rican adventure, I suppose!

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