Sunday, February 5, 2017

Satur-date in Nashville!

Our day started off at home when we were debating what to make for breakfast.  After much dilemma, and nothing in my apartment sounding all that enjoyable, we decided to head to Nashville early.  Excited to check a restaurant off my Nashville bucket list, Carl navigated us to The Perch Downtown where we arrived right as it opened.  The Perch has a vast menu of both sweet and savory crepes, as well as some other dishes like Belgian waffles and omelets.  Carl had only had sweet crepes before, so we scanned the savory list, unsure of which to choose.  I had my eye on a chicken and spinach crepe with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese, but Carl couldn't decide.  He asked the cashier what she recommended which led to his order of a crepe with chorizo sausage, salsa verde, cheese, and eggs.

My crepe was delicious! Carl's....wasn't that wonderful. If we were to go again, we decided we would order one savory crepe to share, followed by a sweet one.  The lady did offer Carl a free Americano, which he said was fantastic. I am not a coffee fan so my opinion was moot.

We then headed off to our intended destination of the day- the Adventure Science Center! It was definitely more kid-oriented than adult, but since we are both children at heart, we had fun anyway. It cost just under 20 bucks for Carl to get in (including the planetarium show), and was free for me since I am a teacher in Tennessee, though I still had to pay $6 to see the planetarium show.  If you're not going with kids, it's probably not worth the money for the ticket, but since I got in free it wasn't too bad of a deal. 

The top floor of the Adventure Science Center was basically just a little play tower that looked out over Nashville.  It was elementary school child-sized, but we squeezed up into it anyway.  If I were to go back I would wear sweats and leave my purse behind! Man was that hard to climb through in jeans and a sweater.  There was a shape game on the top floor as well, which Carl challenged me to.  The point of the game was to see how many shapes you could put through the correctly shaped holes in a certain amount of seconds (I told you-we are children).  We tied the first time and he cheated the second!

The second floor was much more fun.  While still kid-oriented, it was very interactive for both kids and adults alike.  We played a game with a dad and his son (us against them) in which we had to "shoot" the "germs" in the various bodily systems.  Carl and I won of course, I think I even shot more "germs" than him!  We also attempted the Dance, Dance, Revolution game, which kicked both our butts.  My feet do not move as quickly as they did in middle school.  The game that made me laugh the most was one that you had to relax to win.  It was a two player game in which we had to put headband type things on our heads.  It scanned your brain waves which made a ball move.  Whoever the ball moved to was the loser.  I won the first time (shockingly), but Carl beat me the second round.

Our last activity at the science center was the planetarium show.  The show was produced by the planetarium and was about the complete solar eclipse that is due to appear in Nashville on August 21, 2017.  The production was actually pretty good, and worth the $6 I think.  It was about 30 minutes and I was intrigued the whole time.  The bottom floor was more outer space oriented.  Space is my favorite aspect of science, so I wish they would have had more interactive things on that floor.  It was neat regardless.

It was nearly 1 by the time we left the science center, so we were hungry again.  We headed down to 12 South for some burgers at Burger UP!  I had the Woodstock burger and Carl had the Mr. Lewis Patty Melt.  Carl's was better than mine was, and while they were both good, my expectations had been let down.  The homemade fries however were wonderful! The perfect amount of potato and salt, I would go back and just get an order of fries.  Carl commented on the people around us and how the area seemed to be the hipster area of Nashville.  I responded by telling him that it was definitely the trendy part of town, and how I would never fit in there.  This was followed by the table next to us discussing how good the black bean burger with quinoa was.......#notmyburger!!

Although I wanted to continue devouring the fries, we saved some space for one last stop before we headed home- Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream!  The weather was sunny and beautiful, so we walked down the street, dropped our leftovers off in the car, and strolled down to the ice cream shop.  Jeni's was another place on my Nashville bucket list I had been meaning to cross off for a while.  We both tested a couple of flavors before choosing- I had the Wildberry Lavender and Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Carl had the Wildberry Lavender and Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean.  It was soft and sweet and everything I ever needed in an ice cream dish.

The ice cream had done us in and we were in dire need of a nap.  It was definitely a successful day in Nashville!