Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring..

I have been here four days and it has rained, drastically, every single one of them.  I knew that was how it would be but ufda! It rains hard! Better than snow I suppose.

Last night I ended up going to zumba for my first time with Becca, Darcy, and David.  For a rookie, I think I did pretty good! It was really fun too, as opposed to every other way of working out ever invented.  They hold a class down the street at a gym for free on Monday nights so hopefully that will become a frequent activity.

Today at school one of my students came up to me as I was sitting down and gave me a hug.  He was laughing as he patted my back and said he was sorry the Packers beat the Vikings by so much in their last game. Yes, even here in Costa Rica I am finding Green Bay Packers fans.  Who knew?  I told him I didn't want to talk about it and he continued to laugh as he walked away.  The Vikings better beat the Packers when they play in November so I can tease him about it! Darn cheese heads.

Fun fact: I am beginning to really like pineapple! I'd only tried it once prior to coming here, probably about a year or so ago, and I did not like it.  Fruit is much better here, as is to be expected.

Today in class we square danced.  They were learning different dances from different countries and the United States dance is apparently the square dance! I thought that was funny but then I really couldn't think of a better representation.

Something I find interesting in my school is the way the students address their teachers.  Typically, they just say "Miss" or "Mister," but if they do use names they use the first name only: Miss Gretchen.  Another interesting thing is that when it is lunch/recess time the students are just dismissed to do as they please.  They have 40 minutes or so for lunch and recess and can eat whenever during that time and play whenever during that time.

I'm finally beginning to understand the money system here (I think) but I still need the rest of the week before I'm totally comfortable with the bus.  I get so absorbed in watching out the window that I forget to watch for when we have to get off.  Thank goodness everyone else is responsible!

I don't think I will share this to Facebook, as I often won't with short daily (every other day? every third day?) posts.  As much as I want to keep everyone filled in on my experience, short blurbs like this are written mainly to serve the purposes of remembering what to write in my scrapbook. TTFN.

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