Sunday, January 10, 2021

101 Things to Do in 2021


This will be my ninth year making a 101 list! I've gotten better each year at accomplishing more things on my list (though I was a little behind last year but for a lot of reasons that were out of my hands). Some things this year I may not get to, depending on how this pandemic continues to play out, but I'm being hopeful that MAYBE some things will return to normal-ish. I am leaving quite a few spots open at the end of the list though...we'll see how things progress pandemic-wise before I finish it!

1. Pay off my car loan
2. Listen to all the Harry Potter audiobooks
3. Take a craft class
4. Recycle anything that I can recycle
5. Only buy books from indie bookstores
6. Be a part of my best friend’s wedding
7. No saying, " I will just get gas in the morning." 
8. Eat tacos every Tuesday
9. Meet my newest niece!
10. Visit all of the state parks in Middle Tennessee that I haven't been to yet
11. Go to space camp
12. Take a chocolate making class at Goo Goo Clusters
13. Finish my second Master's degree
14. Read all of the books that I own that I haven't read yet
15. Make fried green tomatoes
16. Visit another distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail that I haven't been to yet
17. Lay on the beach
18. Try a new food
19. Finish my Jupiter puzzle
20. Celebrate National Taco Day
21. Win something
22. Watch everything on my Disney+ watchlist
23. Watch everything on my Hulu watchlist
24. Watch everything on my Netflix watch list
25. Go hiking
26. Get the footlong taco in Evansville
27. Check everything off my Clarksville list
28. Update my music wall
29. Use my stash of samples
30. Make $1000 in Poshmark sales
31. Watch 25 movies I've never seen before
32. Practice Spanish every day
33. Read all the ARC I receive before the publishing date
34. South Dakota road trip
35. Read 120 books
36. Go to a concert
37. Attend the Southern Festival of Books
38. Go kayaking
39. Use all my free movie passes
40. Go to Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin
41. Do something special for my 30th birthday
42. Practice Italian every day
43. Use all my cookbooks at least once
44. Save my change all year
45. Get a massage 
46. Make at least one new taco recipe
47. Go to a baseball game
48. Hike to a waterfall that I haven't been to yet
49. Visit a museum
50. Visit a National Park that I haven't been to yet
51. Try the Sioux Indian Taco in Sioux Falls, SD
52. Eat at five taco places in Nashville that I haven't been to yet
53. Keep a bullet journal
54. Go to the Johnny Cash Museum
55. Catch up on the Stuff You Should Know podcast episodes
56. Read another Janet Evanovich series
57. Have a picnic
58. Donate couponing items
59. Pass my next Praxis
60. Make a pinterest recipe
61. Meet someone famous
62. Watch the sun set
63. Have a bonfire
64. Go to the dentist
65. Get the COVID-19 vaccination
66. Hike 52 miles
67. Send postcards
68. Memorize a song on the guitar
69. Take a weekend trip to Birmingham
70. Take a weekend trip to Louisville
71. Walk through a cave
72. Get a milkshake from The Grind
73. Take a weekend trip to Chattanooga
74. Visit the Omaha Zoo
75. Actually drink the giant collection of tea in my pantry
76. Visit a botanical garden
77. Go to Arrington Vineyards
78. Tour Fontanel Mansion
79. Visit The Frist Art Museum
80. Go to the George Jones museum
81. Attend a cookie decorating class
82. Go to the Patsy Cline Museum
83. Walk through the Tennessee State Museum