Sunday, October 5, 2014

Destination: San Jose. Check!

After a not so crazy day, and a little bit crazy night, I made it to San Jose (Costa Rica, not CA).

Plane ride #1 from La Crosse to Chicago was uneventful.  It was the smallest plane I had been on, maybe 50 seats or so.  I met a lady in her 60s named Marguerite who was just as clueless about flying on her own as I was so we became fast friends.  Somehow we had both managed to score Priority Access boarding passes, though neither of us knew how.

When I landed in Chicago I booked it to my next gate where I found my seat had been changed due to some family wanting to sit together.  It worked out in my favor as I ended up next to a girl named Michelle around my age from just outside of Nashville.  She was on her way to Miami for a week-long cruise.  We chatted and watched out the window, got confused when we flew over a big body of water (turns out we were flying around the FL panhandle..odd), and rolled our eyes at the crazy ladies in front of us.

Once in Miami, I had negative minutes to get to my gate and board for San Jose.  I had to take the sky train to get to the terminal and once I found my gate I also found a long line waiting to get on the plane (good thing I had Priority Access!)  As soon as everyone was buckled up and settled in and the overhead compartments were closed, the pilot made in announcement.  Everyone was groaning and standing up, removing their carry-ons from above.  I had no idea what was going on as the announcement was all in Spanish.  Then the pilot made the announcement in English and said something along the lines of "someone made a big mistake this morning...there is something wrong with this plane and we cannot use it...we will be getting a new plane as soon as possible." So we all trekked off the plane and back into the terminal where we were soon informed that a plane was at the airport and would meet us at a different gate in a half hour or so.  By the time we boarded the plane, they loaded our luggage, and we waited (forever) for the catering to be transferred, we took off a little over two hours behind schedule.  Luckily I did not have to transfer planes this time.  I got to San Jose and went through the visitors check point.  The man spoke English thank goodness.  I exchanged some money, grabbed my luggage, and went through customs, all of which went pretty quick.

I was worried about finding a taxi, but lucky for me there were a zillion taxi drivers waiting just outside.  Boy, was that ride crazy.  I'm not sure the driver even knew that speed limits existed! I thought I had car anxiety in the states, its nothing compared to here.  I am definitely on an adventure!  I made it to my host family's casa and practically ran to bed I was so exhausted.

I am both nervous and excited to see what this week and the rest of my stay here holds!

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