Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Break 2k15: MN --> TX

March 14, 2015

I woke up bright and early at the ungodly hour of 3AM and Carl had me to the airport by 4. I quickly got my boarding passes and made it to my gate before 4:30. My plane didn't begin boarding until 5:30 so I joined the line for the not yet open Caribou where I got a white peach mango smoothie and a piece of banana bread. After breakfast I went to check in at the counter of my gate because I did not have a seat listed. The cranky lady told me to wait so I did only to find out that they bumped me up to first class. As I waited for everyone else to board I admired how much extra room I had for my not so long legs and that my seat was big enough to curl into a ball in.  

I felt a little underdressed in first class in my yoga pants and Adidas zip up but I felt important anyway, especially when the rest of the spring breakers boarded the plane and murmured their jealousy to each other.

Anyways, when the first airline attendant came by offering drinks I just had a water, it was 6AM after all, however when the second attendant came by later, the guy in front of me was already on his second glass of Miller Lite, so I didn't feel so bad ordering a glass of wine. I know it was 6:30 AM but it was free and who knows when I will ever fly first class again?! The attendant came back with a glass of wine and a piece of pound cake...I was in heaven.

When we took off the sun was just beginning to rise over Minneapolis, it was so beautiful.

From there on out my landing in Chicago, nor my flight to Tulsa was overly eventful. 

I was so excited when Sophie picked me up at the airport though!! It was so good to see her in real life! 

The roads out of Tulsa were real sketch and I couldn't believe the toll was 4 whole dollars (TG we don't have tolls in MN...) but eventually we began the 272 mile route along the same road to Amarillo. It was probably the boringest drive either of us had ever been on. The vegetation was so dead and non-existent that we joked about it being the grounds of the apocalypse. We played the license plate game and found 26 states and 2 Canadian provinces by the time we reached Amarillo. We thought it was funny because we saw a MN and an AL plate before we saw TX or KS. Slightly in to our 5.5 hour drive we stopped at the Waffle House in Yukon, OK, home of Garth Brooks. I had hash browns with cheese and mushrooms and a bacon egg and cheese sandwich.

We saw a lot of interesting thing on our drive, such as random signs that said "Meth," and a water tower that was leaned to the side to half of it's feet weren't even in the ground.

We made it to Darcy's around 5:30 and went out to a build your own burrito restaurant with some of her family. It was delicious! Darcy gave us a tour of Amarillo, And then we spent the night packing and hanging out before going to bed.

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