Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break 2K15: Lake Havasu Day 1

By 10AM the temperature was already 75 degrees so we got ready and headed off to Lake Havasu State Park and the white sand beach. We were the first ones there when we arrived which was great as we had our choice of places to sit. 

The beach was very pretty. It had a lighthouse on it and you could see the mountains the in distance. People were flying hanggliders, boating, paddle boating, jetskiing, everything! We mainly just laid around in the sun, walked around the beach, and I collected shells.

We left the beach a little after two to go get lunch. I was so excited to see In and Out Burger so we went there and had cheeseburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes. 

After lunch we headed back to our room and watched a little Real Housewives as we let our bodies cool off from the sun, then we went out to the pool. I didn't stay out long as I discovered I did not adequately cover myself in sunscreen and was slightly burned. 

We watched more TV and then headed out. First we went to the London Bridge which was lit up in the dark. While there, two guys came and talked to us, one of which kissed us all on the cheek before we left.

 Then we wandered down to the party. As soon as we got there the cops showed up and everyone quickly left so we went to grab dinner-our favorite, Papa John's pizza and cookie pizza! We brought it back to our room and popped open a bottle of wine. Realizing we would need more wine, we all put our glasses in the fridge and ran to Darcy's car to drive to the Safeway. We spent the rest of our night drinking wine and watching Bravo.

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