Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break 2k15: The Final Days

I was enjoying myself too much to have any time to post the last few days of my trip so here is me reminiscing about them the best I can:


On Wednesday we started our day off hanging out by the pool at the resort.  It was slightly overcast in the morning but I still managed to get sunburned.  We pretty much spent the whole day hanging around the resort.  In the afternoon we got dressed and headed off to see the London Bridge.  We walked acrossed it and took some pictures as the sun was setting.  For dinner we were going to go to a Mexican restaurant but were very unsuccessful in finding one so we went to Chili's instead.  As we were about to leave our waiter, who we had hardly heard from the whole night, kept trying to entice us to buy shots.  Frankly, I think we were all just to exhausted from sitting in the sun for two days and because of the two hour time change (at least that's why I was exhausted!)  We headed back to our room, drank some wine, watched some Bravo, and went to bed.


We left the resort around 7AM as we had a long drive ahead of us.  I didn't actually think the drive was too bad and we only stopped three times or so, twice for food.  It also happened to be one of only 66 non-sunny days in Arizona.  It mainly stayed cloudy but rained for the last few hours.  We stopped in Santa Rose, New Mexico and had the worst McDonald's experience ever.  First, we tried to go through the drive thru but no one answered us.  Then, we went inside and it took at least ten minutes to place our order (that was only me and Sophie, Darcy had to wait another five minutes after us).  As we waited for our food, (and Darcy waited to order), another lady came up to show the cashier that her cheeseburger had no burger! Only the toppings! And the bathroom was a disaster..everything was broken and it looked like it had not been cleaned in quite some time.  We finally made it back to Darcy's before 10 and got to meet the rest of her family.


We spent Friday in Amarillo, Texas.  We went back to Sharky's Burrito place for lunch which was so delicious and then rented Divergent to watch before we went and saw Insurgent in theaters that night. After the movie we went to an Italian place for dinner where Darcy and I had delicious drinks! Hers was called Chocolate Covered Strawberry and mine was Banana Split.  It was a fairly early night to bed as my flight was at 6AM on Saturday.


We got to the airport by five but I still barely made it on the plane.  The check-in ladies were so slow and apparently some guy had a similar name to someone else so they couldn't check him in and had to make all these phone calls.  I'm not entirely sure what was happening. But eventually I made it and had an assigned seat on both flights.  My allergies were really bad down south, but by the time I hit MN I was fine.  I had a horrible migraine though and was so tired.  Carl picked me up from the airport around 11:30 and I had to have left his place by 12:30 but I still didn't make it home until at least 3:30 I had to stop so many times because I felt so miserable.  Anyway, it was a fun spring break trip and it was great to see my friends again!

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