Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Universal Yums: Italy (November 2020)



You really can't beat Italian treats! Universal Yums has become such a fun way to "travel" the word during this crazy Pandemic. 

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Tomato & Oregano Bruschetta (4/5)

I love bruschetta, but this was a new way to try it! Not as good as the real thing, but pretty tasty! These had a lot of flavor, I only ate one or two at a time. Wasn't sure how I would feel about them, but they turned out to be my favorite savory treat from teh box!

Italian Black Truffle Potato Chip (3/5)

I have no idea what black truffle is, so I was uncertain what to expect with these. They were interesting. Not bad, but had a strange taste that I couldn't get out of my mouth. It takes over, like a smoke, then you can taste the potato chip part. I didn't love them, but they weren't bad either.

Italian Amarettini (4.5/5)

The story behind these is a few hundred years ago, a couple in Italy heard that a cardinal from Milan was visiting their church. They wanted to prepare him a treat, so they used the ingredients they had on hand to make these cookies, which ended up being a huge hit! They tasted just like wedding cake, except in crunchy cookie form. So yummy!!


Ketchup Potato Chips

I'll be honest - I did not try these. I know I said I would try everything, but I hate ketchup. So, I saved them to bring to my grandpa who loves ketchup :)

Cranberry Frolletti (4.5/5)

Crumbly cookies are Italy's things because they can dunk them in coffee, wine, whatever! These were filled with real cranberries. I don't particularly care for cranberries, but I would absolutely eat these again.

Orange Zest Carrot Cake (5/5)

This was a soft carrot cake, but different from your typical carrot cake in America! Instead of cream cheese frosting to add sweetness, in Italy they add a bit of orange zest for a citrusy zing! I wasn't sure what I would think about the citrus zing, but I really liked it! I'm glad this box came with two!


Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar (5/5)

This is apparently the #1 chocolate bar in Italy, and I can see why! The chocolate was rich, but not enough to be overwhelming and the hazelnuts were sprinkled in in perfect amounts. I was glad they sent two instead of one, but I wanted more!! 

Raspberry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar (1/5)

I don't particularly care for raspberry, almonds, or dark chocolate, but I tried this anyway. It made me sneeze a lot (dark chocolate does that to me) and I wasn't wild about the taste. I tried to eat it anyway, but felt like I was forcing myself to do so. This was a no for me, but if you're a fan of raspberry and dark chocolate it would probably be good. I'd be curious to try the other flavors of this bar.

Lemon & Pepper Tarallini (2/5)

Okay these were odd. They tasted very much like lemon and pepper! I spit it out right away, but the taste that stayed in my mouth wasn't terrible. I think the texture threw me off. It looked it it would have a pretzel texture, but it was more of a harder, thicker, funyun. 


Tiramisu Cream Milk Chocolate Balls (1/5)

I don't particularly care for tiramisu, it tastes like coffee to me (weird, I know). This was another of those treats that would probably be delicious if you liked tiramisu, but was a pass for me.

Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Pop Rocks (4/5)

First off, what? Second off, yum! There are strawberries in Italy that are literally grown in a volcanic crater. These have an Italian cream filling inside with pop rocks mixed in. I thought this would be weird (and it was a little), but it ended up being pretty good. Not something I would choose to eat all the time, but a fun little treat!

Fizzy Lemon Candy (4/5)

In Italy, you get sparkling water at restaurants unless you specifically ask for still water. (I read this in the pamphlet. Unfortunately, I have not been to Italy....yet) These tasted like Sprite in a candy form, though a little more lemony. Basically it was like a lemon drop once you sucked the sour coating off. 

Stay tuned for December's box - holiday treats from around the world!

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