Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Universal Yums: Snacks from Colombia! (September 2020)



These boxes get better and better every month! This month's box was from Colombia, and the saying on the box was, "a land where hips don't lie (but sloths sure do!)"

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Lime Infused Plantain Chips (3/5)
This seemed like an interesting combination, but in a good way. I like plantains and lime, but was a little unsure how they would be together. They were okay - something that was fine to try, but I wouldn't choose it as a snack from the convenience store.

Mayonnaise Potato Chips (1/5)
This was one thing in the box I was unsure of. I don't like mayonnaise, so I didn't imagine it would be a very good potato chip flavor. Apparently mayonnaise is a common ingredient in local condiment combinations in Colombia. I do not like mayonnaise, so though it wasn't a super strong flavor, I was NOT a fan.

Bacon & Lime Chips (1/5)
I wasn't quite sure about this chip either - I love bacon, but as a chip? And with lime? Hmm...These were way too lemon-limey for me - it was all I could taste. My family seemed to think they were okay though!


Sweet Plantain Chips (4/5)
Plantains are pretty popular in Colombia, so it made sense that there were a few options in this box. These were labeled as sweet, but it was only a mild sweetness. Not over powering at all, but still delicious. I would absolutely eat these again!!

Himalayan Sea Salt Quinoa Puffs (2.5/5)
I've never actually had quinoa before, and I'm not quite sure that this counts. Quinoa grows on the Andes Mountains in Colombia. These were pretty bland tasting, and reminded me of American puff corn, except with even less flavor (if that is possible). They were basically like a Cheeto Puff, except no cheesiness. Not bad, just a waste of eating something.

White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Clusters (5/5)
I love cookies and cream, so I was excited to try this one! They were so good, and not overwhemingly sweet like cookies and cream in America is. I would definitely buy these to eat again if I found them sold in stores here.


Colombian Cocadas (1/5)
This is a common beach treat in Colombia, and since I can't get to the beach quite yet, I'll take what I can get! I love caramel, so I was excited to try these. I didn't care for them, but my mom really liked them. They were too coconutty for me - I don't mind coconut in small doses, but it made the texture of this really odd.

Fruity Penguin Gummies (5/5)
Oh my gosh, these were the best gummies I have ever eaten!! The perfect sweetness and flavor, I'm tempted to order more. Also, the tiny little penguin shapes were so cute!!

White Chocolate Covered Fruit Gummies (4.5/5)
A fun fact about these is that they are commonly enjoyed at quinceaneras because they are colored to match the girl's dress! I wasn't sure about chocolate covered gummies, because they're like opposite on the candy spectrum, but they actually went quite well together. When you can't decide what kind of candy you're in the mood for, I guess these kind of cover everything!


Coconut Cream Chocolate Wafer (3/5)
From the booklet that came with my box, I learned that coconuts are not native to Colombia, but two strains of the coconut, from Southeast Asia and India, were brought to Colombia by settles once upon a time, thus the coconuts that grow there now. I'm not a huge coconut fan, but I'm not opposed to trying anything that has coconut, especially if it also includes chocolate! It was pretty similar to a chocolate wafer in the states, though probably a little more flavor. 

Milk Chocolate Nougat Bar (5/5)
The booklet described this treat as Colombia's take on a Three Musketeers bar. The cacao plant has been grown and cultivated in Colombia for thousands of years, so it makes sense they have their own chocolate bars like this. This was so yummy, and WAY better than any Three Musketeers bar that I've ever had. I ate it for breakfast one morning and just wanted more!

Cafe con Leche Toffee (0/5)
I wasn't super excited to try this treat, because of my whole not-liking-coffee thing, but it turned out to be better than I thought. Coffee farms exist all over Colombia, so again, this is another treat that just makes sense. Nope. This was straight up chewable coffee, and I was not a fan. I shared them with coffee drinkers who appreciated them more!

Passion Fruit Lollipop (4.5/5)
This was similar to a BlowPop - hard candy outside with bubble gum inside. It was way more tastier than a Blow Pop however - less sugar tasting and more fruit tasting. 

Stay tuned for October's box from Russia!!

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