Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Meal Subscription Services: Every Plate


Every Plate is owned by Hello Fresh, and they often have similar recipes, but Every Plate's tend to be easier, quicker, and require less ingredients (all side effects of a cheaper price tag). I really like how inexpensive this is, but it still feels like you're making a real meal, and it is always filling.

Every Plate 
($4.99/meal + $8.99 shipping)

  • They have tacos almost every, if not every, week
  • Inexpensive option
  • Good customer service- gave me $5 credit when they forgot to send a set of buns
  • Less packaging (aka less garbage)
  • Always have a great selection of good recipes - its hard to choose just three!
  • Everything comes in a box, and you have to sort through to separate the ingredients per recipe
  • They don't send vegetable oil if needed for a recipe, which I don't always keep on hand
  • The recipe cards don't give you measurements (in case you want to use the recipe again with ingredients from the grocery store), they just put "units." I try to mark how much of the ingredient it was on my recipe card if I think I will want to re-make
  • Meals are pretty basic, so if you're looking to try a lot of new foods this wouldn't be the best service for you

My Favorite Every Plate Recipes

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