Sunday, September 20, 2020

Universal Yums: Snacks from Egypt! (August 2020)


I was extra excited when I opened this box, because all of the treats seemed like something I would willingly eat. I'm all for trying new things, but I do get apprehensive and tend to save the least appetizing snacks in this box for last. There were some I wasn't a fan of in this box, but none of them were absolutely awful like a few in past boxes have been!!
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Chocolate Wave Hazelnut (4/5)

A milk chocolate covered wafer filled with hazelnut cream? Yum! This was super tasty (as was to be expected). The chocolate wasn’t as sweet as I’m use to, and while I love sweet chocolate, it was still good. The only downside to this treat was that is was quite messy- when you take a bite, the wafer crumbles everywhere!

Sakalans Wafer Halawa & Coffee (1/5)

I wasn't sure about this, because I do not like coffee, but it didn't have too strong of a coffee taste. I didn't eat the whole thing, but I also didn't spit out the bite I took like I thought I would.

Tiger Chili & Lemon (3/5)

Chili and lemon sounded like an interesting combination, but chili and lime are pretty common, so I wasn't too concerned. They were an odd tasting chip, but one I could grow to like. Its the perfect combination of a spicy kick and a hint of lime which I love. 


Cono Popcorn Burning BBQ (4/5)

BBQ chips? Good! Popcorn? Also good! Put them together - yum! This Burning BBQ popcorn lived up to their name - there was the perfect amount of kick to give it just an edge up on regular BBQ chips

Duetto (3/5)
This was described as a 'biscuit cookie with date filling,' and was very similar to a fig newton crossed with a Nutrigrain bar. It didn't have a whole lot of flavor, so its not something that I would choose to eat for a snack, but it wasn't bad. 

Cono Puffs Crazy Tomato (1/5)

These were similar to Cheeto Puffs, except tomato flavored. Like, tasted identical to a good tomato soup (homemade, not canned). Except, I don't like tomato soup. I could see these being a good snack for people who do, but it was a hard pass for me!


El Shamadan White (4/5)

This was a white chocolate covered wafer with cocoa cream, and it was tasty!! Like the first wafer treat, it wasn't super sweet chocolate like I'm use to, but that turned out to be a good thing in this case. I don't mind white chocolate on a normal day, but usually I can only eat a small amount of it because the taste is so overpowering. This wasn't such a strong taste, so I was able to eat the whole thing in one go. I would definitely eat this again!!

Gero Coconut Bar (3/5)

Coconuts are importanted to Egypt, so they were a luxury only for the very wealthy during the days of Ancient Egypt. This was a chocolate covered coconut bar, and while I don't love coconut, I do love chocolate! It reminded me of a Charleston Chew, except less chewy. The inside didn't seem like coconut at first, the taste and texture came after chewing for a couple second which was interesting.

Pretzo Original Butter and Erbs (2/5)

As far as seasoned pretzels go, these were pretty bland. There were a couple that had some seasoning on them, but the rest were fairly plain. I ended up dipping them in Nutella, which I would absolutely not do if they had some flavor because that would be weird! I gave them a rating of 2 not because they were bad, just because they were plain and boring.


The Cinnamon Cookie (4/5)

These cinnamon butter cookies were pretty good! They tasted like a gingerbread cookie, except less intense of a flavor. They weren't super sweet, which was a downfall from my perspective, but would be great for people who don't do super sweet.

Spaghetuss Apple (5/5)

This apple gummy is a pretty recently developed treat. It had the perfect sweet apple taste, and the perfect chewy gummy texture. I would absolutely by these to eat as a treat again. I definitely prefer the sugary treats in these boxes to the salty or savory ones. The flavors are less odd, plus, sugar!!

Cono Corn Cones Mindblowing Pizza (2.5/5)

I love pizza, but pizza flavored things usually aren't my thing. From the bag, I thought these would be like Bugels, but they actually reminded me more of those 3D Doritos that use to exist when I was a kid. They had a pizza flavor, but not like I expected. They start off with a bit of a spicy taste, then they had a very distinct black olive after taste - and not the whole black olives you get out of a can and put on your fingertips (jsut me?), but the sliced ones they have at salad bars. As far as pizza tasting things go, they weren't bad!

Stay tuned for next month's box from Colombia!!!

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