Monday, September 21, 2020

Meal Subscription Services: Home Chef

 I was originally going to make one blog post giving the pros and cons of each meal subscription service I have tried, but I just keep finding more and more to try!  The list is so long that at this point it could be another year before I am able to hit publish, so I decided instead that I would just make separate posts for each service after I had tried it.

Growing up, I could not cook to save my life. My specialty was Kraft macaroni and cheese soup. I don’t know if I was just bad at following directions, or what. It is what it is. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Luckily, that has drastically changed. I daresay I’m actually a pretty good cook now!

I’ve been enjoying learning to cook new things, but that is easier said than done when you’re a very invested full-time teacher, part-time adventurer. Once COVID settled in, I found myself with more time, but no desire to frequent the grocery store.

Anyway. I never thought I would be a meal subscription person because I couldn’t see it being worth the money. But once I realized how much extra I was spending running to grab last minute food on my way home or grabbing extra snacks from the grocery because I was shopping hungry after work, (or the cost of all the leftovers I end up throwing away) I realized that wasn’t the case. 

Though I always order the 3 meals/2 people boxes, I can get more than two servings out of a lot of meals which is helpful - especially with the pasta and taco meals! My favorite thing has been turning leftover taco fillings into omelets for breakfast. These boxes are also helpful when I am teaching because I can make dinner and have lunch ready for the next day. Another benefit for me is that it doesn’t have a ton of leftovers, only 1-2 extra meals to put in the fridge, which is great because when I cook in bulk, most my leftovers get thrown away. (Most leftovers gross me out, especially in excessive quantities).

I wanted to start with my favorite service - Home Chef. They are one of the spendier options, but the meals are always super tasty. I have never been let down from a Home Chef meal!

Home Chef 

($9.95/serving + FREE shipping for orders over $40, $10 shipping for orders under $40)

Discount: $35 off first box

  • Simple recipes that always turn out delicious
  • The ingredients for each meal come in specific bags, labeled with the recipe
  • They send vegetable oil when it is needed for a recipe, and butter too
  • Delivered by FedEx with available tracking
  • They offer oven-ready options - you just need to put the ingredients into the (provided) pan and pop it in the oven
  • The meat is SO GOOD - by far the best chicken of any of the six services I have tried so far!
  • A lot of healthy options
  • You can sub meats when you choose the meals

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