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Flashback Friday: Florida 2004

**This post is part of a Flashback Friday series. I will be posting photos from the trips I took as a kid accompanied by the journal entries I kept while traveling**

3/24/04                8:50PM

Zzzzzzzz we’ve been in the car for 5 hours and 40 minutes taking a 20 minute break at McDonald’s to eat.  I think I’m gonna barf.  I have to sit in back of the station wagon and it is so hot and stuffy back here.  It is very uncomfortable.  I think I’m gonna break my back.  We are in Illinois.  I’ve seen two accidents.  At the first there were seven cop cars and I don’t know what happened and at the second one there was a car with a trailer.  The trailer came unhooked and tipped over.  The car drove into a ditch.  I am so bored.  I already used my first set of batteries up in my Walkman.

3/24/04                10:36PM

Dude, that was so cool! We just went to Phillips 66 which is a gas station.  A guy who worked at Fazoli’s was there.  Someone paid him with a $50 bill that was counterfeit.  The guy at Phillips 66 could tell because he had a marker and when you wrote on a real bill it was yellow.  When you wrote on a fake bill it was black. TT4N.

3/25/04                6:05AM at home, 7:05AM here

I just saw army cars on a train.  We are in Tennessee.  I am writing down the license plate states.

3/25/04                7:47AM at home, 8:47AM here

A while ago we saw a car in a ditch that fell off of the bridge.  And we call Iowans dumb! Right now we are stick in lines of traffic aka a traffic jam, and at 8:47 in the morning!  We still have awhile to go, and it doesn’t help much that we’re barely moving.  I’m about to fall asleep.  I must have listened to at least 654 songs by now.  Right now I am listening to “I’m a Believer.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

3/25/04                1:04PM at home, 2:04PM here

We are finally in Florida but we still have 4 hours until we get to our place that we are staying.  It is sooooooooooooooo hot in the car and I have a headache.  I am all sticky because Isaac just spilled Sierra Mist all over me.  We went through a dust storm earlier.  If I have to be stuck in this car much longer I’m going to explode.

(Note: Yes, we drove straight from MN to FL without stopping somewhere to stay overnight.  Also it’s nice to see I was just as dramatic as a child as I am now :P)

3/25/04                6:58PM at home, 7:58PM here

We finally got to the villa and it almost looks the same as last time.  My head hurts so bad it is about to explode.  Tomorrow we are going to Sea World.  We ate Hardees for breakfast and Krystal’s, which is like White Castle, for lunch.  Who knows what we’re having for supper.  Mom and Grandma are taking forever to get back from wherever they went.

3/26/04                8:44PM at home, 9:44PM here

Today we went to Sea World.  It was kinda boring.  I liked the Journey to Atlantis, Kraken, the dolphin show, and the whale show.  The Wild Artic was alright.  Everyone kept screaming and it wasn’t even scary.  Mom and grandma are sick, Dad has a headache, and I have a headache and a case of the hiccups.  Tomorrow we are meeting the Kramers at Universal Studios.


Today we went to Universal Studios.  We watched Slime Time Live.  My favorite ride was Men in Black: Alien Attack.  On there, you shoot aliens.  My score was 60,325 and Sam’s was 30,125.  I liked Twister as well.  On there you got to stand on a porch and there was a twister coming and it was raining on us.  There were fires and a flying cow.  Other things we went to were: Earthquake, Shrek: 4D, Terminator 2: 3-D, Jimmy Neutron, Back to the Future, Woody Woodpecker’s Rollercoaster, Beetlejuice’s Graveyard, Animal Planet Live, The ET Adventure, and Slime Time Live.  I got autographs and pictures of Angelica, Chuckie, Tommy, Eliza, Donnie, Princess Fiona, and Woody Woodpecker.  I also got pictures of Shrek and SpongeBob.  At 9:00PM there was a parade.  It was about Mardi Gras.  There were real Mardi Gras floats with people on it who threw bead necklaces at us.  There were tall people with stilts too!  It was fun!  I got 3 matching bracelets for Bethany, me, and Amanda.  I also got a t-shirt that says Mardi Gras on it. TA4N!


Today we stayed at the condo.  We went swimming and got burnt.  We went to Downtown Disney.  I got a hockey puck.  It was very boring.


We went to Epcot.  I made a mask.  We went on Test Track twice.  I went on Mission: Space.  It was really fun.  Me and Sam had to steer four things.  We went on Spaceship Earth twice.  It was kinda boring since we have already been here.  We had two beaver tails each.

Enjoying our beaver tails from Canada


We went to Islands of Adventure.  I went on Hulk and Spiderman three times.  We saw two shows, Sinbad and Poseidon.  I went on Dueling Dragons twice.  I went on Dudley’s Rip-saw.  We got really wet then.  We also got really wet on Jurassic Park’s River adventure.  That was fun.  I went on it twice.  We also went to Jimmy Buffet’sMargaritaville.


Today we went to Clearwater Beach.  We got really sunburned.  The water was real gross.  It made me gag.  I got some shells.  We stayed at Comfort Inn.  It was really got.  The sand was really white.  There were two parks there.  We built a sand hockey rink.  The waves were big and fun.


I played the first April Fool’s joke!  It was on Sam.  We went shopping with Rick and Helen.  I got two things: a beach in a bag and a sun catcher.  We drove to Birmingham, Alabama.  We went to three hotels before we finally found one with a non-smoking room.  The hotel we finally stayed at was really nice.

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