Tuesday, January 2, 2018

101 Things to do in 2018

My goals, plans, and ideas for what 2018 will hopefully hold! If you missed 2017's accomplishments and explanation of this list, you can find them here.

1. Watch classic movies I have never seen before
2. Take a photo a day to document the little things
3.  Post one blog every week
4.  Learn to play the guitar
5.  Re-learn how to play the piano
6.  Read 24 books
7. Visit someplace haunted
8. Make one new recipe a month
9. Try a new food
10. Take a hot yoga class
11. Participate in a 5K
12. Have a picnic
13. See the sunrise
14. See the sunset
15. Be an extra in something
16. Read all the HP books again
17. Complete a jigsaw puzzle
18. Save my change all year
19. Send 12 random cards/letters
20. Leave a $10 tip for a bill under $10
21. Send birthday cards for all the birthdays!
22. Make and send Christmas cards
23. Make and send Valentine’s Day cards
24. Stand in the ocean
25. Go skydiving
26. Grow a plant I can eat
27. Take a cooking class
28. See 25 artists in concert
29. Listen to all the songs in my iTunes library
30. Ride a rollercoaster
31. Go ice skating
32. Finish all my paper craft scrapbooks
33. Make a 2017 digital scrapbook
34. Go to an NHL game
35. Go to an MLB game
36. Join a book club
37. Visit a foreign country
38. Take a roadtrip
39. Celebrate a random holiday
40. Go stargazing
41. Learn to write calligraphy
42. See 5 artists in concert that I have never seen before
43. Open an etsy store
44. Make my first etsy sale
45. Go snorkling
46. Write a children’s book
47. Send flowers, just because
48. Drive the Natchez Trace Parkway
49. Take a goat yoga class
50. Attend an NFL game
51. Go camping
52. Send unused/expired coupons to military families
53. Make $100 in Poshmark sales
54. Organize all of my pictures on my phone/computer/hard drives
55. Win a giveaway
56. Fly a kite
57. Unsubscribe from all the dumb emails
58. Watch everything on my Hulu "to watch" list
59. Take a craft class
60. Go to a zoo
61. Go on a cruise
62. See 5 different movies in the theater
63. Have a bonfire
64. Finally watch Grey's Anatomy
65. Watch everything on my Netflix "to watch" list
66. Attend a blogger event
67. Attend the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville
68. Attend a concert at the Opry
69. Attend a concert at the Ryman
70. Attend a performance at the Bluebird Cafe
71. See an artist get inducted at the Opry
72. Get my first brand deal
73. Visit a distillery that I haven't been to yet
74. Go hiking in the Smokies
75. Go dairy-free for a month (unless it has a noticeable positive effect, then dairy-free forever 😩)
76. Visit a botanical garden
77. Make my own wine 
78. Cliff jump into water 
79. Ride in a helicopter
80. Learn to ride a motorcycle
81. Try eggnog
82. Swim under a waterfall
83. Go kayaking
84. Solve a Rubik's cube
85. Learn how to code
86. Go to a drive in movie theater 
87. Ride a train
88. Visit a museum
89. Attend a free concert
90. Explore Atlanta
91. Learn the dance to Copperhead road
92. Try all the taco places in Nashville
93. Try all the taco places in Huntsville
94. Take a picture of all the murals in Nashville
95. Take a girls' trip to St. Louis
96. Be the MOH in my bestie's wedding
97. x
98. x
99. x
100. x
101. x

I am intentionally leaving the last five blank so I can add to the list as the year goes on!



  1. These sounds fun and productive. 😃 I believe you can complete them all.

  2. These sounds fun and productive. 😃 I believe you can complete them all.