Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pizza, Booze, and Musicals

I LIVE for the weekends! (doesn’t everyone?)

Bailey, Becca, and I bought our tickets to see Rent at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville months ago, so needless to say we have been looking forward to this weekend for a while.  Then, Carl decided to come up and found some more activities for us!

Our first destination Saturday was Two Boots Pizza.  Carl found four restaurants and told us to choose which one we wanted.  The first one we choose was called The Wild Cow, as we assumed it was burgers.  After Becca googled it and determined it was a vegan restaurant we quickly vetoed that and played it safe with the pizza.  It was definitely a good choice!  Carl and I split a full pie, half “The Kracken” (sliced sausage and jalapeños) and half “The Dude” (bacon cheeseburger). SO good!

Then we drove over to Marathon Music Works.  We were going to check out the American Pickers shop but the line extended much too far out the door for any of us to stand in it so we casually strolled around the building before heading into Corsair Distillery and Taproom for a tour.  The tour was pretty short, just one large room where they do all their brewing and distilling.  Then, we were escorted to their bar where we got to taste one beer, three whiskeys (I think), and a gin.  Now I am not a whiskey drinker, and I am certainly not a beer drinker so I was a little apprehensive about the tasting but Carl reminded me that it was an adventure so I opened up to trying them all (yes, even the beer).  The beer was an IPA (which means nothing to me) and it wasn’t horrible.  I wouldn’t choose to drink it but it wasn’t as beery (yes, that is a technical term) as the other beer I have tried. The first two whiskeys weren’t bad either, and the gin tasted like cucumbers. 

We wandered throughout the little shops in MMW before Carl took us to the TPAC Theater for RENT! It was AMAZING!  Mark sounded exactly like Mark from the Broadway production.  I wasn’t very impressed with Mimi or Roger.  They were kinda blegh (also a technically theater term I believe). Very little power and just as little chemistry between the actors.  Angel however was SPECTACULAR! It was definitely worth the $50.

We headed back to Clarksville afterward and Carl and I went to The Tilted Kilt to eat.  He made sure to remind me as we entered the establishment, “Remember, you wanted to come here.”  My first thought was, “I think someone forgot to tell these girls that the skanky Halloween costumes aren’t supposed to come out until next weekend…”  Unfortunately, the food let us down too.  Carl’s fish and chips looked good, but he said it was a little soggy.  I got Shepard’s pie which was good but tasted more like vegetable infused hamburger gravy than Shepard’s pie.

From there, BED TIME! It was a long (but fun) day!

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