Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fall Creek Falls

Bailey and I treked out to Fall Creek Falls today with the notion in our heads that maybe we would hit up more than one state park in a day...nope!

The park was kind of confusing, but it had much more signage than the last State Park we went to!

There were many paths and we weren't quite certain where any of them went.  There was a couple different overlooks that looked into two different gorges and a suspension bridge that, despite not being very high or overly long, was still terrifying to walk across!  Our intention was to hike down to the bottom of Fall Creek Falls, but it took us quite some time to even find the path that got us there. After walking back and forth across one side of the park we finally found the trail that brought us down.  I am not sure how so many families get down there!  It wasn't nearly as treacherous of a hike as Cummins Falls was but it was very rocky.

Anyway, here are some pics!


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