Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Salute: Hopkinsville, KY

Finally, a free concert to go to!!

I have been in serious live music withdrawals the last few weeks, more specifically, FREE live music withdrawals. I mean hello, I'm 30 miles from Nashville, and the last free concert I attended was in May. 

I was scrolling through my concert app this morning, pouting about my lack of recent adventures, when low and behold I found I had somehow missed the fact that Diamond Rio would be up in Kentucky tonight. Bailey and I decided to take a break from our never-ending work lives to venture across the border. 

We decided to leave a little early to do some exploring around Hopkinsville prior to the 7PM performance. Unfortunately, it started raining at about 5 on our way there and didn't stop for nearly two hours. 

Since the rain interfered with our plans to explore, we grabbed a funnel cake from a food truck and sat under the farmers' market pavilion and people watched. Kentuckians, man. They're some interesting folk. The type of people at free concerts in KY are a whole different sort from the ones that turn up in MN, I'll just leave it at that. 

Luckily the rain stopped just in time for the concert to start only 45-minutes late and left us with a beautiful rainbow.

Some Nashville recording artists I had never heard of before named Adam Hall opened. He was pretty good, but I would have appreciated him more if I wasn't wet and cold from the rain. (Still hard to believe we were cold after the 100 degree heat index during the day). Just as every band has done at every concert I've been to since Prince's death, he played Purple Rain.

It was pretty exciting to see Diamond Rio again. It's been years since I've seen them last. I feel like they're a band that flies under the radar, but then you see them and realize how many great songs they have.  We made a few friends as we sat in the front section of chairs that (I think) we were supposed to pay to sit in (we didn't). The lady behind me told me about her leg problems and needed us to help her with her phone problems, and the (toothless) guy next to us was not too shy to express his disappointment in our early departure. It was late, we were tired, but the music was great! There's something about 90s country that never gets old! 

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