Sunday, August 28, 2016

Red Bicycle Crepes and Coffee

Bailey and I went to church at CrossPoint in Nashville today and it was a really intense service. The whole message was about getting out of debt (as if I wasn't already stressed out enough about my student loans...) I can honestly say however that I did come home and re-look at my budget (unfortunately my income did not magically increase and my bills did not magically decrease) in hopes to magically squeeze another penny or two into my savings.

But I digress. My intention for this post was to share the new (to us) restaurant that we tried in Germantown today: Red Bicycle Crepes and Coffee. I had a savory BBQ chicken crepe with chicken, cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce, and Bailey had the maple bacon crepe.  They were pretty big, I had to being half of it home for lunch tomorrow, and they were worth the $9 they cost. My only complaint was that there was so much BBQ on mine that I could barely taste the rest of the ingredients. 

The atmosphere was hip and trendy. It's a pretty small little cafe, so we had decided to sit outside. Despite the increasing temperatures we stayed cool under the shade of the trees around their little terrace. It was dog friendly (which I think led to the increase of flies around the outdoor area) with bowls of water for them and everything! 


4/5 ⭐️

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