Friday, January 5, 2024

101 Things To Do in 2024 - Beginning of Year

Last year I hit the highest percentage of completed items on my 101 list than I have in the 10+ years I've been making these lists! I am bound and determined to beat that percentage this year - so much so that I have already begun booking and scheduling some of the things I really want to do! I also added some things that have been on my actual to do list for far too long, (and I figure if they're on this list I may finally actually do them!)

As I do every year, I intentionally left the last handful blank so any ambitions I feel I want to accomplish during the year can be added to the list!

1. Take a glass sculpture class
2. Read every book currently on my Goodreads TBR
3. See Blink-182 in concert
4. Carve pumpkins for Halloween 
5. Visit a Laura Ingalls Wilder site 
6. Go on an Alaskan cruise
7. Visit my friends in Tennessee
8. Go to the Jack-o-latern Spectacular at the Minnesota Zoo
9. Read 120 books
10. Eat at the Minnesota State Fair
11. Continue (re-)reading one John Grisham book each month
12. Go to a Minnesota Wild game
13. Go to a Minnesota Twins game
14. Win something
15. Try a new craft class
16. Eat somewhere new from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives
17. Drink wine at Garvin Heights Vineyard
18. Put books in a Little Free Library
19. Sell cards at a craft fair
20. Attend Ashley for the Arts
21. See the new Mean Girls movie in theaters
22. Tasting at a distillery I haven't been to yet
23. See Kenny Chesney at U.S. Bank Stadium
24. Finish reading the Nightmare Hall series
25. Finish reading the Jack Randall series
26. Eat brunch at Muddled Thyme
27. Eat my way through Toronto
28. Finish my 2023 scrapbook
29. Finish my 22-23 school year scrapbook
30. Go to a yoga class, at least once
31. Find a financial planner and get all my retirement accounts sorted
32. Scrapbook autographed photos
33. Find a fun summer PD
34. Visit the Lake Geneva ice caves
35. Go to a paint class
36. Attend Country Boom
37. Make my 23-24 school year scrapbook
38. Try curling
39. Earn the Southwest Companion Pass
40. Get Aaron TSA PreCheck
41. Get Ike TSA PreCheck
42. Make lefse with mom
43. Make more hand knit blankets on my own
44. Eat dinner in an 'igloo'
45. Cook something from my Harry Potter cookbook
46. Complete a puzzle
47. Participate in an angel tree program during Christmas time 
48. Buy a new bed
49. Earn $100+ in giftcards on my various points apps
50. Play ski ball at Can Can Wonderland
51. Go to the chiropractor 1x/month
52. Get a massage at least 6x
53. Travel to see the total solar eclipse 
54. Go to a Minnesota Timberwolves game
55. See It Ends With Us in theaters
56. Try out Soula Spa
57. Go sledding
58. Get caught up on NCIS
59. Find shelving and organize the basement storage room
60. Update my map project with photos of Aaron & me
61. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone MinaLima Edition
62. Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets MinaLima Edition
63. Read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban MinaLima Edition
64. Go axe throwing
65. See Deadpool 3 in theaters
66. Visit the Polish Museum
67. Take the kids to the pool
68. Tour the Watkins Museum
69. Eat at Lovechild in La Crosse
70. Drink wine at Riverview Winery
71. Eat at Taco JED in Rochester
72. Roadtrip with my #teammates4lyfe
73. See Take Cover in concert again (provided they do a reunion show!)
74. Complete Merrick's scrapbook
75. Get caught up on my Paper Pumpkin kits
76. Get the cyst sucked out of my head
77. Label all of grandma's old family pictures
78. Complete all my Influenster tasks on time
79. Watch 10 documentaries/docuseries
80. See 10 movies in theaters
81. X
82. X
83. X
84. X
85. X
86. X
87. X
88. X
89. X
90. X
91. X
92. X
93. X
94. X
95. X
96. X
97. X
98. X
99. X
100. X
101. X

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