Sunday, June 6, 2021

Space Academy for Educators: Day 3 (Summer 2021)



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I was wide awake by 5 AM, ready for the days adventures! After breakfast, our first activity was the low ropes course. We were split into Team Destiny and Team Columbus, then split again into two teams within our team. My mini team was called Team Kick Ass because we're adults and I guess we're allowed to do that. After choosing our name, we had to brainstorm words that came to mind when we thought about teamwork. From there, we had to choose three words to focus on. We chose collaboration, communication, and perseverance. The tasks we completed are shared below.

Team Kick Ass

Traffic Jam

Set up: There was an agility ladder set up with four blue arrows, one in each ladder space, on one side and four pink arrows, one in each ladder space, on the other side. 

Goal: move the colors to the opposite end of the ladder

- only one arrow can be moved at a time
- you can jump over one arrow of the other color at a time
- you can only move forward

The trick was to make sure two colors never were next to each other once you moved it. It took us a couple tries, but we figured it out!



Set up: each team member gets a half of a PVC pipe and they line up beginning at one end. Someone drops a tennis ball (the hazardous material) at the beginning of the line. On the other side of the field there is a bucket.

Goal: get the ball from one end of the field into the bucket on the other side

- the ball cannot drop on the ground
- the ball cannot stop

Our ball stopped twice and fell once, but we got it in the bucket on the fourth go!




Space Debris

Set up: an area covered with playground toys to represent space debris, a specific toy to represent a satellite, one team member on one side of the area and a second member on the other side

Goal: one team member will guide the other member through the debris to get the satellite, the team member crossing the debris keeps their eyes closed

- no stepping on debris
-eyes must stay closed


Jasmine and I did pretty good at this one! After we each got to go, our activity leader Pancake upped the anty and added an additional "satellite."

There were many other team building activities as well, but we didn't have time to do them all. I'm hoping we get a list of the activities, because they all seemed pretty perfect for a classroom! After each activity we had a debrief where we talked about what went well, what was a challenge, and how well we followed our three team work words during the task.

Next up was the Martian Mission simulation that we trained for yesterday. I was the botanist in the Mars habitat, growing tomatoes, parsley, lettuce, and some other green stuff that I would probably only eat if it was the only means of getting sustenance on Mars. I had to check the pH levels of the water and adjust those, then I did a soil experiment. For this, I had two samples of 'Martian soil' and had to test them to see what they contained. I dripped water into both as the control, then added iodine to a sample of each, and vinegar to a sample of each. The iodine did not result in a reaction, but the vinegar made both samples bubble which meant they contained a calcium composite. Other mission positions included working on Mission Control on Earth, working on the Martian surface then returning to Earth, and working in a space station that orbited the Martian moon Phobos.


Then we went outside for ride time. The first ride we went on was the G-Force. I've seen this ride at carnivals, but if you haven't been on it its like a short, wide diamond shape and everyone goes inside it and leans against the wall. The wall has sort of like tiles that each person is buckled into. The ride spins and centrifugal force pushes on you at three times gravity. Its funny when the 'tile' slides up and you go to the ceiling!


After that we went to the Moon Shoot which is basically the Power Tower. You sit in chairs around a column and it shoots you up 145 feet in 2.5 seconds simulating 4 G's and giving you weightlessness at the top, then drops you, then shoots you up, and drops you again. We got luck and no one was behind us in line, so we got to go twice without ever getting out of our seats!


This was followed by lunch, and then we headed out to the lake! At the lake, there were two activities for us to do. The first was a zipline. To do this, we climbed the tower, then were hooked up backwards and sent down the line into the lake to simulate a parachute landing in the water. Compared to Costa Rican rainforests, this zipline was pretty tame!


The second activity was the heli-rescue. We swam to the middle of the lake and the helicopter simulator was turned on so that the water was disturbed in the same way it would be if it were a real helicopter rescuing us. You had to swim to the basket dropped from the helicopter, climb in, and then be lifted out of the water. It was a hot day, so the water felt nice!



We dried off and headed back to the main center to get our Discovery Mission training to prepare for our mission tomorrow. My role is Mission Specialist, so I am in the Discovery Shuttle, then I get to put on a space suit and go out and do an EVA! I'll share more about this in tomorrow's post after I actually get to do it!

Discovery Shuttle Crew

Our last scheduled activity of the day was our rocket launch! We built our rockets yesterday, and today we took them out to the launch complex to see if they would launch and if our parachutes would deploy. Mine shot way up, the parachute deployed, AND it didn't land in a tree so I get to take it home!! Win!


Team Destiny + our rockets


We were done for the day and they let us leave instead of staying for dinner again, so most of us went out to Rosie's Cantina for margaritas and Mexican cuisine! For the most part, everyone is super chill and we all get a long great, which makes for an awesome week at camp!




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