Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Universal Yums: Holidays Around the World (December 2020)


This box was extra fun for a couple reasons! One, it encompassed a variety of countries, and two, I got to share it with my family! It was way more fun to snack family-style that it is for me on my own, so I decided to cancel my box subscription after this. I may re-subscribe for random months when I know I will have other people to share with, but until then I decided its not worth the money. 

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Roasted Garlic Potato Chips - MEH

These chips were from the Czech Republic, and the tradition is to put them under the table. Apparently garlic under the holiday table will bring you strength and protection. I thought they were very garlicy, but they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I wouldn't grab a bag and eat them as a snack, but they weren't terrible to try! Overall the fam wasn't a fan, but we didn't think they were gross, just not delicious!

Roast Turkey & Stuffing Potato Crisps - MEH

This savory treat was from the UK, and wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I am not a fan of oddly flavored chips, so I went into this one knowing I probably wouldn't like it, but I didn't spit it out, so I considered that a win!


Kruidnoten Cookies - YUM!

The Netherlands supplied this tiny treat. Spiced cookies are a big part of the holidays for Dutch folk. They were tiny and tasty! 

Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn - MEH

This is the treat I was most apprehensive to try.  Coming from Taiwan, eggs are a big part of local cuisine. I was a little apprehensive about trying these, because I don't like eggs, but it wasn't too bad. It tasted similar to a buttery caramel corn, and not like egg at all. We didn't love it, but didn't hate it either.


Chocolate Cream Pandoro - YUM!

A holiday treat straight from Italy, this sweet bread was tasty! It wasn't as sweet as I would have preferred, but it still tasted good - especially with the chocolate inside!

Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge - YUM!

Can't beat English Christmas fudge! I'd never had salted caramel fudge before, but I would definitely eat it again! The hardest part was trying to get your head around that it was fudge and NOT caramel, so the texture wasn't what you expected.


Assorted Baklava - MEH

Though Ramadan is not a winter holiday this year, I'm glad this treat from Jordan was sent in my box! It wasn't as flakey as baklava that I have had before, and didn't have a whole lot of flavor.

Mocktail Bonbons - YUM!

I had gotten some yummy UK bonbons in my UK box earlier this year, but these were even better! These were a hit all around - ALL of the flavors are good.


Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Truffles - YUM!

A French treat, this chocolate truffle was very rich. I would only be able to eat one or two at a time, but they had an overall positive reaction from the fam.

Apple & Dark Chocolate Dominosteins - MEH

Four layers of German goodness - gingerbread, apple jelly, and persipan, all coated in dark chocolate. MOst of the fam didnt like the jelly, but I thought they were deliious. They did taste similar to the "fancy" chocolate that you get in boxes at Valentine's Day, but like an actual fancy version of it. 


Sugar & Anise Polvoron - YUM!

This Christmas cookie was from Spain, and was not as sweet as I expected it to be. I know that America does things way sweeter than other counties (which I love!), but somehow its still a let down when I try sweet treats from elsewhere. I would definitely eat this again, but wouldn't be my first choice in shortbread cookies.

Alpine Nut Cake - YUM!

This pie was filled with carmelized walnuts and hazelnuts, and was delicious! I would love more of these!

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