Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Universal Yums: Russia (October 2020)


I was pleased to see that most of Russia's snacks were sweet treats!

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BBQ Kebab Potato Crisps (3/5)

You can't go wrong with BBQ potato chips! These weren't thin and crispy like an American potato chip. They were thicker, more like a cracker, except lighter. And they didn't taste like BBQ chips like I expected, but actually kebab-y, like something that came off the grill. They were different, and took some getting used to, but good!

Sovietsky Cheese Potato Chips (2/5)

Potatoes are known as the devil's apple in Russia, which is funny considering how prominent they now are. Now these were thin and crispy like potato chips that I am used to. They were cheesy tasting, but not like any cheese potato chip I've had before. Like the BBQ kebab chips, the flavor of these would take some getting use to!


Bolete Mushroom Break Bites (3/5)

I wasn't sure whether I was suppose to eat these as a snack or put them on a salad, but since I don't eat salads, they were a snack. I love mushrooms, but mushroom flavored croutons seemed like a strange thing to try. They tasted just like mushrooms, and I while I wouldn't eat them as a snack again, I could definitely see eating them in a salad!

Orange & Vanilla Biscuits (5/5)

Oranges are apparently a big thing during Christmas time in Russia, which stems back to the Soviet era when they were rare treats. These were super tasty! The orange wasn't overpowering, in fact they reminded me of the lemon girl scout cookies. I ate this whole box in one day (no regrets) and would absolutely get them as a regular snack if I found them at the grocery!


Strawberry, Caramel, & Vanilla Gummies (2.5/5)

These gummies were made to be eaten together for more unique flavors. They weren't super sweet or flavorful, honestly kind of a waste of a treat. They didn't taste bad, I just like more flavor when I'm indulging in a snack like this.

Orange Marmalade & Cinnamon Pryanik (4.5/5)

I read online to heat this up before eating it, and I'm glad I did. It is a gingerbread treat with candied orange jam and tasted just like Christmas! I bet it would go great with coffee, if you're a coffee drinker. The outside was a little hard, even after warming it, so I mostly just ate the inside which was gooey with jam! 


White Chocolate & Hazelnut Cream Wafer (5/5)

I'm always so excited for the sweet treats! This was sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. The wafer was super light, and the filling sweet and creamy. It was like a Kinder bueno bar, except way better!

Almond White Chocolate Bar (4/5)

I'm beginning to learn that I much prefer white chocolate from foreign countries as opposed to the U.S. I love sweet, but white chocolate here is too sweet. I can eat a little bit, but there is such thing as too much (which is not the case with milk chocolate!) I don't particularly like almonds, and usually bite around them in chocolate,  but this was pretty good. And I can count it as healthy because of the almonds, right?


Nuts & Milk Chocolate Wafer Bar (5/5)

Hazelnut, cocoa, peanuts, chocolate - this treat has it all! Though it involved a lot, it wasn't overwhelming. Just the perfect level of sweetness, this was the perfect after lunch treat.

Ripe Pear Milk Chocolate (4.5/5)

Chocolate with a pear filling was a new kind of chocolate for me. I've had lots of filled chocolates (perks of being a teacher on Valentine's Day), but never pear! The chocolate was milky and yummy, and the smooth pear filling was just as tasty. I would absolutely eat this again!


Boiled Milk & Chocolate Cake (1/5)

An interesting name, but I do love chocolate cake! This treat has been around since 1966, and they're still using the exact same recipe. I was not a fan of this. The chocolate coating was too strong, almost bitter tasting.

Exotic Fruit Jellies (4/5)

The flavors for these were ripe mango, blackcurrant mint, and strawberry pepper. (Strange!) The texture was similar to gumdrops, except a little softer and without the sugar coating. The flavor combos seemed super odd, but they went really well together! These were treats that worked best eating one or two at a time. Eating them all at once would have given me a stomach ache.

Coconut & White Chocolate Hazelnut Balls (4.5/5)

From this box I learned that there is a part of Russia on the Black Sea that is subtropical, hence this coconut treat! This was pretty tasty, and didn't have too much of a coconutty texture. I felt like the treat had a lot going on, but it was the perfect combination to make it delicious!

Stay tuned for November's box from ITALY!!!

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