Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Universal Yums: Snacks from Thailand! (July 2020)

Month two of Universal Yums took me to Thailand! I was a little apprehensive about this one, because I know the food in Thailand is so much different than my usual snacks. As I should have expected, I liked all the sweet treats (as always!)

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Suthera Banana Coconut Roll (4/5)

Legend has it that banana trees in Thailand are haunted by a ghost named Nang Tani! She is a good ghost though :) These banana coconut rolls were really good! They were essentially rolled up cracker/wafers that tasted just like bananas- real bananas, not the artificial flavoring. The only downside is they’re too big to fit a whole thing in your mouth (for me anyway), but if you try to bite it, all the crispies fall down your shirt.

Tasto Sweet & Spicy (3/5)

The northern cities in Thailand prefer sweeter flavors, while the southern cities indulge in all things spicy.These garlic wheat crisps are a perfect mix of the two. I don't think they are something I would eat often, but I did enjoy them. First you taste the sweet, then there is a spicy kick at the end!

Glendee Coconut Chips Sea Salt & Caramel (4/5)

Coconuts in Thailand are picked by trained monkeys. They can pick 1,600 coconuts a day, whereas a human can only pick 80! I wasn't sure if I would like these, because the texture of coconut isn't something that I love, but they weren't like that at all! I tried a few of these on their own, and they tasted more caramel-y than anything. I could only eat a few at a time without the flavor being overwhelming. I ended up using them to top my smoothie bowls which worked out great!

Tasto Devil (3/5)

Chili pepper potato chips!! Coming straight from southern Thailand, these were made with chili peppers, which I am told are 15x hotter than jalapenos. They definitely had a kick to them, but it was more of the after taste than anything. I love jalapeno chips, but I don't think I would choose these to snack on, as the heat kinda of takes over the flavor if that makes sense.

Z Roll Farm Fried Shrimp & Salad Cream (0/5)

This was a seaweed wrapped potato stick with fried shrimp and a mayo flavor and was what I was LEAST excited about in this box. Eating seaweed is freaky to me. I panic when it touches my feet in the water! I know I said I would try everything, but I could NOT try this. I opened it and immediately gagged. I just couldn't do it. 

Chocky Wafer Shibuya Honey Toasted Flavour Cream (4/5)

These were very similar to the cream filled wafers in the US, but not as sweet. The flavor kind of reminded me of Waffle Crisp. I have such a sweet tooth, so they didn’t quite meet my sugar needs, but they were still good!

Hartbeat Lime Gummy (4/5)

These were salty lime gummies, which sounds interesting, and they were! They definitely seemed like a treat to decorate a margarita with, all that was missing was the tequila. The gummies were tart like the lime, and sweet, but really didn't seem salty to me. I would absolutely eat these as a treat again. They aren't something you can inhale all at once though, so the bag lasts awhile!

Calipzo Corn Flavoured Candy (0/5)

Corn Flavored Candy? Yep. It tasted like straight up corn. I feel like I didn't get the full effect of this candy, because though it was suppose to be a chewy candy, it was rock hard. The flavor wasn't repulsive, but its also not something I would ever eat again.

Orchard Banana Chews (3/5)

These banana chews were the first candy I've had that actually tastes like real bananas which threw me off a little. They were good, just unexpected!

Hartbeat Pineapple (5/5)

These pineapple candies were SO GOOD! I want more of them already, as they were my favorite in the box. They tasted just like a pineapple (though in hard candy form), and nothing like artificial pineapple flavoring like most treats around here do. I hope Universal Yums offers them in their shop, because I definitely want to buy more!!

Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream & Mango (3/5)

In order to enjoy this treat, it had to be briefly microwaved. It was....different. Not bad, just different. The flavor was good, but mixed with the texture it was hard for me to enjoy. I'm so weird about textures, and while I like regular rice, this gooey rice was harder for me to come to terms with. I think if I tried it frequently I would learn to like it!

Stay tuned for August's box - mummies yummies from Egypt!!

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