Sunday, January 5, 2020

101 Things to Do in 2020

Okay, so I really slacked on prepping this list ahead of time, hence the 20 empty spots at the bottom. However, if life has taught me anything, Forrest Gump was right, and you never know what you’re going to get. I have no doubt I will come up with some ambitions to fill those last 20 spots before the end of the year!

A little background, if you don’t know about my 101 lists- I’ve never been much for new year’s resolutions. I think it’s stupid to wait for a new year to try to better yourself (sorry if you’re into that, it’s just not me). I’ve been making these lists since 2013, but only started publishing them in recent years. They’re basically lists of things I’d love to accomplish in a year’s time. I don’t get to everything, and I’m 100% okay with that, because my desires and needs change over the course of 365 days, but it is fun for me to look back and see what I do accomplish!

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1. Take a chocolate making class at Goo Goo Clusters
2. Attend a Motion City Soundtrack concert
3. Finish the Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich book series
4. Get a tarot card reading
5. Read 100 books
6. Unsubscribe from junk emails
7. Watch all the Star Wars movies
8. Raleigh roadtrip
9. Be a part of my best friend's wedding
10. Read all of the books that I own that I have never read
11. Take a self-defense course
12. Glass blowing
13. Go to Hawaii
14. See 25 artists in concert
15. Charleston roadtrip
16. Make fried green tomatoes
17. Attend the Southern Festival of Books
18. Visit all the stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
19. Go to the beach
20. Go kayaking
21. Take a wine pairing class
22. Go to CMA Fest
23. Get a kitten
24. Take a cooking class
25. Be an extra in something
26. Go to an NHL game
27. Take a craft class
28. See 5 different movies in theater
29. Go to the Bluebird Cafe
30. Try a new food
31. Grow a vegetable
32. Drive the Natchez Trace Parkway
33. Finish hiking the Lookout Mountain Parkway
34. Go to Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin
35. Complete a puzzle
36. Celebrate National Taco Day
37. Get my tattoo
38. Take guitar lessons
39. See 5 artists I've never seen before
40.  Go to Belle Witch Cave
41. Finish my papercraft scrapbooks
42. Win something
43. Finish all of my draft blog posts
44. Re-learn the piano
45. Watch everything on my Hulu watch list
46. Watch everything on my Netflix watch list
47. Watch everything on my Disney+ watch list
48. Re-design my blog using my coding skills
49. Go to the Opry
50. Go hiking
51. Get the footlong taco in Evansville
52. Go to the Nashville Ballet
53. Have a Girl's Night Out in Nash
54. Check everything off my "Clarksville" list
55. Make another Nashville tacos post
56. Meet an artist I haven't met yet
57. See Lindsay Ell in concert again
58. Go to Country Boom
59. Get caught up/stay caught up on my podcasts
60. Use all of my cookbooks at least once
61. Finish my music wall
62. Update my map project
63. Go skating
64. Use up my stash of samples
65. Save my change all year
66. Return everything to the library on time - no fines 2020!
67. Make $1000 in Poshmark sales
68. Learn to juggle
69. Bake a homemade pie
70. Find the galaxy mural in Huntsville 
71. Watch 50 movies I’ve never seen before 
72. Play games at an arcade
73. Practice Spanish every day
74. Read all ARC I receive this year before their actual publishing date
75. Go to a water park
76. Ride a roller coaster
77. Take a trip with friends
78. Start using my ETSY shop
79. Go to a blogger event
80. Actually complete one of my to do lists
81. Try boxing
82. XX
83. XX
84. XX
85. XX
86. XX
87. XX
88. XX
89. XX
90. XX
91. XX
92. XX
93. XX
94. XX
95. XX
96. XX
97. XX
98. XX
99. XX
100. XX
101. XX

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