Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Taco Tuesday: 13 Places to Get Tacos in Nashville

Everyone who knows me knows that my top three favorite foods are potatoes, pizza, and TACOS.  Lucky for me, tacos have definitely become a "trend," so there are taco places EVERYWHERE, especially in the food capital of Tennessee- Nashville. (That's not an actual thing, but it should be, because there are an infinite amazing places to eat in Nash). Anyway, I still have a pretty extensive list of taco places to get to, but here are some of my favorites so far!

1. Mas Tacos Por Favor 5/5 ★

I would have to say this has been my favorite place so far.  Mas Tacos is cash only (they have an ATM, but come prepared!)  There is ALWAYS a line out the door and parking is a pain but it is totally worth it.  This is my go-to taco place every time someone new comes to town. Tacos cost $3 each and are decent sized for corn tortillas.  They have a few different side and drink options, though my goal is always to stuff my face with as many tacos as possible, so outside of the street corn, I've never tried the sides.

2. Bajo Sexto Tacos 3/5 ★

Baja Sexto is located in the Country Music Hall of Fame building (though I believe there is at least one other location in Nash).  Tacos are $5 a piece, which is spendy in my opinion, and weren't that great.  They were good (just not great), and I would eat there again if I was seriously craving tacos and was downtown, but I wouldn't choose to go if I had other options.

 3. Bartaco in 12 South 4/5 ★

I've been to Bartaco a couple of times now.  The tacos are pretty small, but they only cost $2.50 a pop. That being said, you can easily eat six of these!  There is a vast variety of taco choices, sides, and other sustenance.  I was not a fan of the margaritas.  I've only had one once, but it was not very strong, and fairly small for being $10.  The ambiance of Bartaco is incredible.  You can be seated inside or outside.  I always opt for outside, where there is cushioned seating on benches with low tables, perfect for conversation with friends.

4. Taco Mamacita 4/5 ★

Taco Mamacita is located on Edgehill Ave. I recommend ordering an appetizer of chips and the seasonal salsa.  When we went, teh seasonal salsa was pineapple and habanero, which sounds strange, but it was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy!  Taco Mamacita has an extensive menu, with many taco options.  They also have a specific gluten free/vegan menu with ample options.  Tacos come on flour tortillas, but you can ask for corn.

5. ACME Feed and Seed 1/5 ★

ACME is not a Mexican restaurant, but they do have one type of tacos. I'm going to tell you right now, if you want to eat tacos, DO NOT GO HERE.  In fact, if you want good food, DO NOT GO HERE.  ACME is gushed about all over the internet, but y'all, I've eaten here twice and both times have been a total bust.  The food wasn't bad, per se, but it wasn't good.  The second time I went, I saw tacos on the menu, so  I had to get them.  The tacos are pulled pork and are served with Mexican street corn and black beans. The meat was so dry and lacked flavor.  Adding the Texas ketchup (aka BBQ sauce) helped a lot, but I still would never order them again.

6. Music City Brisket Food Truck 5/5 ★

The Music City Brisket food truck was at CMA Fest 2017 and I went there twice because their food was SO GOOD. Despite being flour tortillas, they were delicious! Definitely not your average street taco, but it had the great flavor of southern brisket!

7. San Antonio Taco Co. 2/5 ★

SATC is a step up from Taco Bell in that it doesn't make you spend the night in the bathroom, but I wouldn't recommend eating there unless its after a night of drinking or you're desperate for queso and too broke to afford real tacos. They're pretty average for tex-mex tacos, but no substitute for the real thing.

8. Nada 4/5 ★

The price is a little steep for tacos here, but they're worth trying at least once.  I had the carne asada taco and the baja fish taco and both were delicious! They advertise as street taco size, but they are much smaller than an average corn tortilla street taco and they cost $3.75 a pop (which is why they received 4 stars instead of 5).  I did appreciate that I could get sweet chili glazed potatoes as a side and the chips and queso were mouth watering.

9. Taco Mama 3.5/5 ★

The great thing about taco mama is that they have a ton of options when it comes to tacos.  They're pretty good, but lack the overwhelming flavor that a lot of the other tacos places in Nashville have mastered.

10. Smoke Et Al 4/5 ★

I found the Smoke Et Al taco truck at CMA Fest and YUM was their noble brisket taco good!! The only downside was that for $7 you only get one taco.  It was enough to fill me up but too spendy in my opinion.

11. Chuy’s 3/5 ★

Chuy's is a chain, but I still wanted to share because the fish tacos were delicious! This one is located in the Opry Mills mall.  It's also hard to find good rice at Mexican restaurants, but I was impressed with the rice here.  Caitlin had the nachos when we went and they were not good at all, hence the three stars.

12. Taqueria del Sol 4/5 ★

Taqueria del Sol has two locations in Nashville, one in 12 South and one on Charlotte Ave.  It is a cute little restaurant with ample menu options to choose from.  I had the fish taco (YUM) and either a carnitas taco (which was a little dry but still good!)

13. Muay Thai Tacos 5/5 ★

Yall. These tacos were AMAZING! The Muay Thai Tacos food truck was at the Nashville 4th of July celebration and I just could not pass by and not order something. I am so glad I did because these were some of the best tacos I have ever eaten! I ordered the Cap N Crunch Tilapia tacos, but they also offer chicken and steak tacos as well as burritos and quesidillas.

Stay tuned for another post detailing more tacos outta Nashville coming soon!

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