Monday, June 11, 2018

CMA Fest 2018

There is always so much going on during CMA Fest that I never come close to seeing and doing everything on my list!  I always try to make it a priority to see/meet artists that I haven't yet before, but I do have some favorites that I will skip everything for without a second thought.


Though CMA Fest doesn't officially start until the Thursday after the CMA Awards, there is plenty going on all week to get you in the country music mood.  From pop up concerts to corn hole challenges, you can keep busy all week long.

I chose to ease my way into the week with a free show at Marathon Music Works. Presented by the Pandora Backroads station, the concert featured Morgan Evans, Carly Pearce, and Brad Paisley.  Other sponsors were Ashley HomeStore®, Ball Park® Brand, Kingsford® Charcoal, Maytag®, Shutterfly, Inc and Twisted Tea®. Lady Antebellum was originally suppose to be there instead of Brad, but because of unforeseen circumstances they had a last minute change. Lady A is my favorite, so I was pretty bummed, but I will never complain about free drinks, free food, and free music! Especially when we were darn near close enough to touch the artists!

One piece of advice is to do your research before you show up.  For example, for this show you had to have your name on the RSVP list to get in, it wasn't just something you could show up to. Other events may include a ticket that you have to pay for.


To attend meet and greet sessions, you have to purchase one of the CMA Fest tickets so you can get into the Fan Fair where the meet and greets occur.  Some you have to enter a drawing to get into, but others are first come, first serve in the venue.

This year I got to meet a couple artists I hadn't met before...

...and some of my old favorites that I enjoy meeting time and time again!


Waiting in the hot sun is always worth it to see energetic performances in the country music capital during the biggest country music week of the year. That being said, I wasn't super thrilled with the line up this year.  I think part of it is that I'm getting to the point that I've seen most artists in concert, so its not as new and exciting and I wish it were (such problems, I know).  I ended up deciding not to attend on Saturday and Sunday for this reason. Since the free concerts run all day (roughly 10A-10P), it can be a really long day if you choose to attend for the full time.  I prefer just going during the morning/day so I can get front row to the artists at the Chevy Riverside and Breakout stages.  The nighttime concerts are either at the Ascend Amphitheater (free) or Nissan stadium (paid ticket) where you can't get all up close and personal.

Little Texas


I know CMA Fest is all about the music, but I'm a big fan of the food trucks as well! In fact, that was what I missed most on the days I didn't go (I made sure to go to the taco truck down the road instead!) Some of the food trucks are local to Nashville, but others come from all over the United States!

       Noble Brisket Taco (Smoke Et Al)                    Nashvegas Ice Cream (Fission)                        Fish Tacos (Bob's Fish Fry)

Now that CMA Fest is officially over, planning for next year begins! Have you been do CMA Fest before?

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