Tuesday, November 7, 2017

14 Companies That Will Send You Coupons

If you saw my Tips & Tricks for Beginning Couponers post, you know I love to get a good deal on things.  As I was perusing the posts on one of my couponing groups on facebook one day, I came across a lady who said she had emailed a bunch of companies and they had sent her coupons.  Not long after I came across a blog post that listed a bunch of companies that sent coupons. I thought to myself, "why have I not done this yet? Companies usually send way better coupons than you get in the Sunday paper inserts!"  I spent my nightly Netflix time being productive and I found that I was half right. Not all of the companies on the list sent me coupons, and some of the coupons were comparable to newspaper insert coupons. As I have continued to email companies, I decided to put together a comprehensive list of companies that will send you coupons if you reach out to them and also list the coupons they sent me.  (Note: if their website stated that they didn't send coupons, or if they had them directly on their website, I didn't send them a request).

Aveeno- (2) $1 off any Aveeno, RoC, Le Petit Marseillais, or Lubriderm product
Blistex- (3) 25 cents off any Blistex lip care product
Blue Bunny- (6) 55 cents off one Blue Bunny Ice Cream 46-48 oz (may contact every 6 mo. For coupons)
Chobani- (4) 50 cents off Chobani Greek Yogurt, (3) FREE Chobani drinks
Flipz-(1) 50 cents off any Flipz item
Frito Lay- (1) $1 off any Frito-Lay product, (1) 55 cents off any Frito- Lay product
Hostess- (1) FREE individual Hostess cake (They responded by email saying they didn’t send coupons but sent one anyway)
Jif- (2) 35 cents off any Jif product
King’sHawaiian- (2) $1 off any King’s Hawaiian bread product (They responded by email saying they didn’t send coupons but sent them anyway)
Malt O Meal – (2) 75 cents off any one Malt O Meal product
Nestle Toll House - (1) $1 off any one bag of Nestle Toll House morsels
Neutrogena- (1) $3 off any one Neutrogena product, (1) $1 off any Neutrogena product
Schick HydroSilk – (1) $14.29 off any one Schick Hydro Silk raxor or refill
Snack Factory - (3) $1 off One Snack Factory Item

Find Coupons on Webpage
Axe (sample)

Do Not Send Coupons by Request
7UP – per email
Angel Soft- per email
Aunt Jemima- per email
Bird’s Eye- per email
Burts Bees – per email
Chi-Chi’s – per email
Dole - per email
General Mills – per email
Halo Top – per email
Hormel – per email
Little Debbie - per email
Nabisco – per email
Post- per email
Propel- per email
Red Baron – per email
Revlon- per website
Simply Orange – per email
Sunbelt Bakery - per email
Thomas Breads – per email
Tropicana - per email

Do you know of any other companies that will send you coupons by request? If so, please let me know in the comments below! I plan to continue this mini project and follow up with another post in a couple of months!

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